Parking General Info

Convenient on street parking is available at almost 3,000-timed parking spaces in the City of Sarasota, which includes the downtown core, Judicial Center, St Armand’s, Southside Shopping Village, Burns Square, Marina Jack, and other areas throughout town.  Parking in one of the City’s On-Street parking spaces can, at peak times of the day, become challenging to locate a space near your desired location.  There is no cost to parking in an On-Street space, but time restrictions apply in the most heavily used areas.  Be certain to comply with any posted time restriction to avoid a parking citation. 

Please note time restrictions where marked to avoid being cited for parking over the time limit. Timed parking enforcement hours are consistently monitored in all of the city’s parking districts Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. There is no timed enforcement on Saturdays, Sundays, or City Holidays.  Timed parking in the busiest parking areas usually provides 2 hours, with some areas set at 3 hours, and a few spaces designated for quick turnover at 15 minutes.  Some signs are located within 150 feet of each other.  So, be certain to look closely before leaving a spot so that you can plan when to return to avoid a parking citation. 

An important note:  The city works very hard at protecting public parking spaces through time restrictions.  City of Sarasota parking code 33-118, “…prohibits a parker from relocating from one space to another on that block or any other block within one block radius in any direction for the original parking space, including both sides of the relevant streets…”.  This ordinance applies in off-street parking facilities as well. 

There are over 8,500 un-timed parking spaces located throughout the City making parking easy and convenient.   Where spaces are lined, park in the designated space is required under local ordinance.  This is done to ensure the most efficient use of parking and make more spaces available and easier for everyone to find and use parking.  If a vehicle wheel is outside of the designated space/line, this could cause a safety hazard and prevent other parking customers from adequately parking in the adjacent space.  Vehicles are required to be completely within the marked lines or be subject to a parking citation for Parking Outside of the Designated Space, a $35 fine.

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